Proper COIC Management Rely on Transparency and Disclosure

Conflicts of interest (COI) involve circumstances where an individual’s professional actions or decisions at the university could be influenced by considerations of personal gain, usually of a financial nature, as a result of interests outside his/her university responsibilities. The central theme in addressing COI is transparency, and the first step is disclosure of the interest through the Conflicts of Interest and Commitment (COIC) disclosure in IRBManager.

All ISU personnel must comply with ISU’s Conflicts of Interest and Commitment Policy, and all faculty, P&S staff, postdoctoral scholars, and graduate assistants are required to complete an annual COIC Disclosure in IRBManager. In addition, investigators who receive funding from, apply for funding from, or have their salary funded by a grant from any U.S. Public Health Service agency, must also comply with stricter PHS Financial Conflict of Interest Regulations.

Instructions For All ISU Investigators

All faculty, P&S staff, postdoctoral scholars, and graduate assistants must disclose Conflicts of Interest and Commitment electronically via IRBManager at the beginning of employment and thereafter at least once per year,  and whenever the employee’s situation changes.


Instructions For PHS Investigators

Before Proposal Submission: Under PHS Regulations, you must submit a COIC Disclosure prior to proposal submission. If you fail to comply with the disclosure requirements, you will be prevented from applying for PHS funds.

Prior to submitting a proposal to PHS, you must have completed the COIC Disclosure Standard Form in AccessPlus within the last 12 months, answering ‘Yes’ to Question 2.

Before Expenditure of Funds: PHS Regulations require disclosure, training, and management of Financial Conflicts of Interest before you can expend funds on a PHS project. ISU will not set up a PHS Award until you have met these requirements.

Prior to engaging in PHS-funded research with a Notice of Award date or noncompeting continuation segment, you must:

Have an up-to-date COIC Disclosure Standard Form in AccessPlus to which you have answered ‘Yes’ to Question 2;

Complete online COI training through Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI); and

Have a COI Management Plan in place with the COI office, if required.

Forms for PHS Investigators at ISU