Research Integrity

Safeguarding the Integrity of Iowa State’s Research Product

Upholding the highest ethical standards is critical to ensuring the integrity and public trust in research conducted at Iowa State. The university is steadfast in its commitment to educating the research community on the steps and processes required to maintain the integrity of its research outcomes, while also investigating all credible allegations of research misconduct.

Reporting Potential Misconduct

Conduct that jeopardizes research integrity undermines the advancement of knowledge, erodes public support, wastes resources and may jeopardize safety and health. For this reason, Iowa State University prohibits research misconduct and encourages all members of the University community to report observed, suspected, or apparent research misconduct.

Research misconduct means fabrication, falsification, or plagiarism in proposing, performing, or reviewing research or in reporting research results. It also includes ordering, advising or suggesting that subordinates engage in research misconduct. The misconduct must depart significantly from accepted practices of the relevant research community and must be committed intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly. It does not include honest error or differences of opinion.

Allegations of research misconduct are handled by a Research Integrity Officer (RIO) appointed by the Vice President for Research. All members of the University community are encouraged to report observed, suspected, or apparent research misconduct to the RIO. If an individual is unsure whether a suspected incident falls within the definition of research misconduct, he or she may meet with or contact the RIO to discuss the suspected research misconduct.

All information regarding possible instances of research misconduct, including the identity of the person accused and the individual making the allegation, is confidential. ISU prohibits retaliation against individuals who make allegations of research misconduct in good faith and any witnesses or others who cooperate in good faith with research misconduct proceedings.

For further information or to discuss a concern, contact the Iowa State Research Integrity Officer (RIO) Dianah Ngonyama at or 515-294-2069.

Research misconduct concerns may also be reported on the ISU Compliance and Ethics Hotline.

Responsible Conduct of Research Training

As a premier research-intensive institution, Iowa State University is committed to creating an environment that fosters an ethical research culture to maintain high standards of research integrity that meets and exceeds federal requirements. Our RCR training policy complies with National Science Foundation (NSF), National Institutes of Health (NIH) and requirements from other federal agencies, for an institutional program of education in the responsible conduct of research (RCR).

Iowa State’s RIO

The Iowa State Office of the Vice President for Research brought Dianah Ngonyama on board in 2021 to serve as the institutions research integrity officer. Ngonyama brings a passion for research to her role along with a commitment to education and oversight to ensure the Iowa State research enterprise maintains the highest level of research integrity.

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