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a-tune tick@lab

The Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) and Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) have transitioned to an electronic software system for submission, review, and maintenance of IACUC and IBC applications as of April 4, 2018.The system will also integrate research, teaching and testing protocols, animal procurement and management, as well as veterinary medical records

Please be sure to follow the new IBC training requirements.

Request for User Access to the System

Use this Excel file to enter any personnel you will want to be included in a-tune for your protocols. This email request must be from the PI or the PI must be copied on it. Only personnel requested by the PI will be entered into the Production environment. The system administrators must add users to the a-tune software before personnel, including the PI, are allowed access to the system. Please send these requests to the IBC office at

New Applications

  • New applications must be submitted through a-tune tick@lab.
  • For new applications in a-tune tick@lab, PI signatures are captured in the system.

Annual (Continuing) Review and Amendments (Modifications)

  • Annual Review and/or Amendments must be submitted through a-tune tick@lab.

Note: For continuing review, please submit in advance of the protocol expiration date to allow adequate time for the review process. If the submitted modification is too complex and/or changes the original objective(s) of the study, the committee may require a new protocol be submitted for review.

Adverse Event Form

Other Forms

  • Hazard Inventory Form All personnel who work on a regular basis with chemical, biological, or physical hazards or with animals must complete all sections. Make sure the form is saved on your desktop before you fill it out. Having trouble completing and emailing the PDF using Google Chrome, or Firefox?  Click here for additional information.