General information

NSPM-33 requires certification from institutions awarded in excess of $50M per year in total federal research funding that they have implemented a research security program that includes four elements:

  • Cybersecurity
  • Foreign Travel Security
  • Research Security Training
  • Export Control Training

The objective of this section is to “Provide clarity regarding research security program requirements, how research organizations will be expected to satisfy the requirement, and how agencies will contribute to program content development.”

Agencies should require that, as part of their research security program, research organizations designate a research security point of contact (POC) and provide publicly accessible means to contact that individual (such as through a website or social media).

ISU response

What to expect

  • Guidelines for institutional programs will be forthcoming and will provide the opportunity for public comment
  • Training modules will be forthcoming
    • Research Security Training – modules under development and will be released for institutions to implement
    • OVPR units continue to work closely with the ITS Security team