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a-tune Program Introduction:

Welcome to the a-tune program through Iowa State University.  Using this software will allow you, the user, to better fill out and submit forms and applications to the IACUC and IBC office. The system will also integrate research, teaching and testing protocols, animal procurement and management, as well as veterinary medical records.

System Training Events:

Virtual one-on-one training sessions are now being offered for a-tune.  To schedule your training session, fill out this training request form and one of the a-tune team members will contact you with a Zoom/WebEx invitation for your session.

For more information, please contact Jen Walker ( or Cara Hageman ( A pdf of our training power point is also available for your viewing:

Getting Started:

Request User Access for a-tune
Use this Excel file to enter any personnel you will want to be included in a-tune for your protocols. This email request must be from the PI or the PI must be copied on it. Only personnel requested by the PI will be entered into the Production environment. The system administrators must add users to the a-tune software before personnel, including the PI, are allowed access to the system. Please send these requests to the IACUC office (

Training Requirements
The a-tune software will verify required CITI and/or AALAS training at the time of submission. This means that required training will need to be completed prior to protocol submission.

Logging into a-tune
Please note: If you are off campus, in order to gain access you will need to set up a VPN connection on your off-campus computer or laptop. Instructions for setting up a VPN connection can be found here.

Using a-tune on Mac or Mobile

Home Screen Orientation

Creating a Protocol:

Not Able to Edit your Protocol?

Creating an Amendment or Annual Review


a-tune relies heavily on pop-up windows. Make sure that you have the pop-up blocker turned off in your browser. Turning it off is different for each browser type but looking for ‘internet options’ or ‘content’ is a good start.

You will not be able to access a-tune while off campus without a VPN connection. In order to gain access, you will need to set up a VPN connection on your off-campus computer or laptop. Instructions for setting up a VPN connection can be found here.

Due to security reasons, a-tune will time out after 30 minutes. There is also no auto-save or warning feature in a-tune, so save often!

The transition to an electronic system will bring some changes to the submission process including:

  • Once protocols are submitted in a-tune, all communication will come from the email address
  • The system will automatically check required training. Therefore, all required training would need to be completed at the time of protocol submission.
  • For researchers submitting protocols to both committees, the system creates an IBC protocol from an IACUC protocol by a one-time transfer of relevant information. Rather than having multiple IACUC protocols tied to one IBC protocol, researchers will now have one IACUC application for each IBC application (i.e. a 1 IACUC to 1 IBC protocol ratio).

If you have procedures you often use on your protocols, and would like them pre-populated in the a-tune system, please send them to our office. Please be aware that these procedures, once assigned to your own folder, can be viewed and selected by anyone with a-tune access. If you do not wish to have your own folder of procedures, you may also submit more generalized descriptions of procedures you wish to be available in a-tune. When submitting procedures, please let the IACUC office know if you are submitting these for placement in your own folder or as a general procedure. Please send these procedures to the IACUC office (

If you have questions about a-tune, please contact: