Official IACUC Training Program

CITI Training

The IACUC has adopted the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) online training “Working with the IACUC: Investigators, Staff and Students” as an official training course to maintain compliance with federal regulations.

The CITI training program also offers several courses (e.g., species-specific training) that investigators or instructors may find helpful for their research or teaching program. However, only the course “Working with the IACUC: Investigators, Staff and Students” and completion of the exam are required. Please note that while one of the course modules is also entitled “Working with the IACUC: Investigators, Staff and Students,” the course, which consists of several modules, needs to be completed in its entirety in order to obtain credit.

AALAS Training

The IACUC has also adopted the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science (AALAS) online training “AVMA Guidelines for the Euthanasia of Animals: 2020 Edition” as an official training course to maintain compliance with federal regulations. Individuals listed on the IACUC protocol who will be performing euthanasia are required to take this training.

Training Requirements

In order to meet new federal regulations, the IACUC revised its policy regarding key personnel classification and training. The revised policy (see link below) includes the following changes:

  • All personnel listed on an IACUC protocol must now complete a CITI refresher course every five years. (Please note that this is only a refresher course. It is not a substitute for–nor can it be taken in lieu of–the “Working with the IACUC: Investigators, Staff and Students” online course.)
  • Personnel responsible for animal euthanasia are required to complete online euthanasia training. The AALAS course is called “AVMA Guidelines for the Euthanasia of Animals: 2020 Edition.”
  • Individuals whose work duties are limited to animal husbandry are not required to be listed on IACUC protocols as key personnel, but they are now required to complete the CITI training course “Working with the IACUC: Investigators, Staff and Students”. You can access this course by clicking one of the CITI links on this web page.
  • These training requirements must be completed prior to submission.

Training Personnel Involved with Animals Used in Research, Teaching and Testing

Accessing the Training

You must register with your ISU email address to create an account in the CITI program before you can access the training. Once you’ve created your account, you can take the course and exam listed in the “My Courses” section under the Iowa State University heading.

You will need to obtain an access code from the IACUC unit of the Office of Research Ethics before you can create an account and access the AALAS training course.


Your score must be 80% or greater to receive certification of training. If your score is less than 80%, you will be allowed to retake the quiz. Your results will automatically be forwarded to the IACUC Administrator. Please be sure to print a copy of certification for your files.


If you have any questions or need help with accessing the training, please contact the IACUC unit, Office of Research Ethics, iacuc@iastate.edu294-5412 or 294-9581.

Occupational Medicine Program

Anyone who handles animals at Iowa State University is required to submit a Hazard Inventory form for potential enrollment into the Occupational Medicine Program.

After the Hazard Inventory form has evaluated, you will receive a confidential Animal Contact Medical Questionnaire via email that must be returned to the Occupational Medicine Office. For additional information about the program, click here.

Hazard Inventory Form

Accidents and Injuries

All accidents and injuries occurring during the course of employment must be reported to the employee’s supervisor, even if no medical attention is required. More information is available here.

Animal Safety Website

The Animal Safety web page contains important resources for the safe use of animals at Iowa State University.

Additional Training Resources

Customized Trainings

Customized training by IACUC personnel is available upon request. Some examples include IACUC Basics, a-tune Overview, New PI Training, and Preliminary PAM Visits. To discuss and schedule training to fit your needs, please contact the IACUC unit, Office of Research Ethics, at or 294-4673.

Educational Videos

Environmental Health & Safety Courses

The training courses listed below can be accessed by Iowa State University students and employees via your Workday dashboard/Learning/Discovery.

  • Agriculture Worker Protection Safety (classroom)
  • Autoclave Safety (online)

Employee Training Records